NovaStar HDR Master 4K

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The Novastar HDR Master 4K is a video processor for improving image quality by converting SDR to HDR for a wider dynamic range, more colours and richer bright and dark details. Any laptop, PC, camera and video player is assignable due to various switchable inputs and to be displayed properly on various sources, like TVs or LED screens. Equipped with a resolution scaling option, the HDR Master 4K can perfectly upscale and downscale the input to almost any desired pixel size up to 4 K resolution @60 fps. Unlike other video processors, no external preview display is required thanks to its built-in preview LED-screen. Also, a back and front content layering function is included, allowing you to add a logo or background image to your visuals. Optionally, you can use the fiber connector for bridging large distances (>20 m). Please note that you’ll need two HDR Master 4K units (sender & receiver) for being able to use its fiber connector. 

4K video processor from SDR to HDR
Switchable inputs (HDMI, DP1.2 & 4x 12G-SDI)
Multiple outputs (2x HDMI & 4x 12G-SDI)
Synchronise devices with genlock function
Scalable resolution up to 4K

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