Novastar Taurus TB-60

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The Novastar Taurus TB-60 is both an LED Processor and Multimedia Player suitable for medium to large LED screens up to 2,300,000 pixels. Thanks to the innovative configuration software and cloud control, you can control an LED screen with great ease from any PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.
This makes it an ideal solution for commercial screens and digital signage in places such as shops, shopping centers, hotels and cinemas. The TB-60 can be controlled remotely via Wi-Fi, Ethernet (wired network) and optionally via a 4G network. Keep in mind that a 4G module is not included as standard.

Once you have connected the TB-60 to the internet, you can securely control it via your Windows, Android or iOS device by using ViPlex Express, Viplexx Handy App or VNNOX Cloud. These applications allow you to set up and adjust media and screen settings remotely. The Taurus TB-60 has a strong and decent metal housing.

The TB-60 is equipped with 4 Ethernet output ports, which can be freely configured as main or backup port. Content can be uploaded via a network or USB port. It features 16 GB of internal memory and a 1.8 GHz eight-core processor for smooth playback of high-definition footage. Two integrated sensor inputs can be used to connect light or temperature sensors.


All-in-one solution: media player and sending card with scaling function
Suitable for medium to large LED screens up to 2,300,000 pixels
Connect via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 4G
Upload new content and change screen settings remotely via Mobile/PC
4 Ethernet output ports (freely configurable as main-/back-up port) 

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